• Cindy Engel

A Brighter Future Ahead

PLH is impacting so many lives in the Lake Highlands area, and Cecilia is one of them! She shares her story:

“Pamper Lake Highlands means so much to me because it’s a great place to work and learn. I love to see how children and families are learning. Being a child of undocumented immigrants, I'm in the country through DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). I have had feelings of being stuck in the past with little dreams for the future. Now, with Pamper Lake Highlands, I see greater options and opportunities for me and my family. Thanks to Pamper Lake Highlands and a scholarship from State Farm Insurance, I am attending college to get certified in Early Childhood Education and become a teacher. I am motivated and ready to take my summer classes, to learn more each day and to gain more experience in becoming a professional educator.

Thank you, Pamper Lake Highlands, for playing a major role in my journey! I will always be very grateful to Pamper Lake Highlands for all their support.”

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