• Cindy Engel

Advocating for Clients

As you know, the Lord’s mission for Pamper Lake Highlands (PLH) is to break the cycle of generational poverty and oppression through ESL classes, Bible studies, Bright Futures Program, our Children’s Learning Center and Ministry, and diapers. As we continue to enhance our ministries programs, we have not forgotten that empowerment is only possible for our women and children if their basic needs are met! One of the goals of our Director of Social Work, Sherrill Crow, is to help families get the resources they need to enhance the quality of life for our women and children.

In late December, Gloria, a PLH mom, received an eviction notice from the apartment complex where she had resided with her three young children for many years. Although she paid her rent in a timely manner and hadn’t cause any problems, the new management was resisting her attempts to contact them regarding the eviction. The eviction notice stated she must vacate the apartment by the beginning of January. Gloria was working so hard to improve her life through our educational programs, but the bigger struggles in life were seeming to prevent her from reaching her goals. Gloria reached out to us very concerned about how she could continue attending classes when she didn’t know what their living circumstance would be in 2018. That conversation allowed our social worker the opportunity to advocate for Gloria and her children, mediating an agreement to extend the eviction notice for another year!

Although PLH played only a small part in resolving this situation, it highlights one of the many roles the Lord asks us to play in the lives of the families He is serving. It is our goal to both ADVOCATE for our women and EMPOWER them to advocate for themselves and their families!

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