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English Proficiency for PLH Child

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Last week during Pre-K Round-Up, I was interviewing a Hispanic mother to qualify her daughter for Pre-K in Richardson I.S.D.

If a family speaks another language other than English at home, we do an oral language test to determine their English language proficiency level. The levels go from “A = Non-English Speaker” to “F = Fluent English Speaker.” It is not uncommon for second language learners to score at the beginning levels when they come to be tested, usually an A or B level.

Therefore, when I shared with the mother that her daughter had scored a “D = Limited English Speaker” and that meant her daughter was well on her way to being proficient in English, the mother just beamed with the sweetest, biggest smile ever. She proudly related that she had been attending adult classes at Pamper Lake Highlands and that her daughter had learned quite a bit of English in the children’s classes there.

It really warmed my heart to meet this mother and her daughter and see first-hand what a positive impact Pamper Lake Highlands was having in their lives!

Angie Ribo Bil/ESL/PK Program Specialist Richardson Newcomer Center

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