• Cindy Engel


“Hello my name is Eloisa and I’m a student at PLH. Since COVID-19 happened, PLH has continued to help me receive many of the things my family needs. I get diapers and snacks every week. This has helped my family a lot. I decided to take PLH classes online because for me it is still a challenge to continue learning and expanding my vocabulary in English. I think this is a good opportunity to continue practicing because with the COVID-19 crisis our face-to-face classes were suspended. This is a great opportunity to continue participating in this PLH program. They help us practice English and check to see how we feel mentally. I thank Caren and the staff for making all this possible. I know it is difficult but I know that with effort I will achieve Someday my goal of learning to speak my English to 80 to 90% with effort and dedication I will achieve.”

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