• Cindy Engel

PLH Making Generational Impact

Yanith was born in Mexico and her mother brought her to the United States when she was two years old. Now 20 years old, she attends Financial Literacy and Job and College Readiness classes at Pamper Lake Highlands and also volunteers as a translator. In her words: “I donʼt know how to even begin to explain how much Pamper Lake Highlands means to me. This organization has poured out its love into each woman that has walked through the door. They’ve created such a loving and safe community where women and children can learn English and overcome poverty and oppression.

Pamper Lake Highlands has played a vital role in the lives of my family members. My mother had to quit school to start working at age 10, finishing only the fourth grade. School was never made a priority and she was arranged to be married at age 14. It is beautiful how these programs have provided her with the opportunity to step out of her oppression and experience something different. I’ve watched her make such progress in her English and she is beginning to speak it more confidently. Her love for Pamper Lake Highlands has drawn in so many other members of our family who have heard such great things about the organization.

So far, eight women and seven children from my family alone attend English classes, financial literacy, and parenting classes, and several even found employment there in the nursery. Two of my cousins have had the opportunity to start attending college because of Pamper Lake Highlands' Job and College Readiness Program and its partnership with State Farm Insurance. I’ve watched these ladies become empowered by this opportunity in a way that made them think bigger. Now they are looking forward to someday becoming elementary school teachers.

My family members now see the importance of education, and I believe it will impact their children and future generations by making learning a priority in their homes. It’s been a truly amazing experience to see the growth not only in my family, but in all the women. There is such a love and bond that they each share, all pushing each other to learn and grow together. Every woman there has a story, many of them difficult. I am filled with joy when I hear them express in English that this organization has made them feel loved and welcomed. PLH has cared enough to create all these incredible programs they can attend, so they can be better women. I have learned what it’s like to love and be loved through Pamper Lake Highlands. I’ve learned to understand the reality of other women and be supportive of them. I’ve also learned to be a friend and to receive many warm hugs and questions. Pamper Lake Highlands has done far more than I can express for of all my family and all the women and children.

I have seen the Lord's hand in this ministry and it's been wonderful to experience and be able to share his love.”


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