• Cindy Engel

PLH Programs Impactful

“Hello, my name is Andrea and Iʼd like to let you know how much Pamper Lake Highlands has helped me and my 4-year-old daughter. I was living isolated because I didnʼt know the language or have any friends. First, I began to attend level 2 ESL classes Fall 2015, and I love the way they work hard to help us learn English. Now, I’m on level 3b, and to see my little one so happy and excited to go to “la escuelita” (thatʼs what she calls school there). This make me feel trust in the ladies that take care of her. She has learned a lot and I appreciate all the love and patience they give to all the children.

Also, I am so happy because next fall semester, I’m going to be able to help teaching English classes and that make me and all my family so proud. I also want to share this with you, that although I grow up as Catholic, I never read the Bible. Now at almost 36 years old for the first time I start to attend Bible study with Caren, Yaneth, and the ladies. This is doing wonderful things in my life, this love that I feel in the room with all the women is amazing and I have made a lot of friends. I attend the parenting classes also and they help me to understand more the way my daughters need me and how I can be a better mother and better wife.

Thank you so much for all your support and good heart. I say thank you for all the women in this beautiful program.”

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