• Cindy Engel

The Impact of Education

Many mothers have expressed their gratitude for having a chance at quality early childhood education for their children who otherwise would not have had an opportunity to develop the crucial skills needed to be successful in school. Meet Brayan, one of our little ones who has grown in a BIG way.

Brayan’s mother, Maria, has diligently attended her PLH English class for two years. She brought Brayan along with her each day, hoping her son would learn English as well as learn how to play with his friends. When he first started coming to class, Brayan would cry the entire time while his teachers would hold him and read books to him until he could settle down.

One year later, Brayan is one of the brightest stars in our preschool class! His shy smile and gentle spirit is so endearing and his academic abilities are so impressive. Brayan’s mother was adamant that he stay at Pamper Lake Highlands even though he qualified for free preschool at Skyview. Brayan attends PLH in the mornings and then bilingual preschool at Skyview in the afternoons.

Brayan passed all of our assessments and has grown tremendously both socially and emotionally. We are proud of Brayan and will miss him as he goes off to kinder next year, but we are happy to know that we have made an impact on his heart forever.

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