• Cindy Engel

Volunteer of the Month

November’s Volunteer of the Month is Maria Maese. Maria is Program Manager of the Crece Conmigo (Grow With Me) Center for Children and Families at University of Texas at Dallas.

Maria does developmental screenings for all the children at PLH through her Grow With Me program, which focuses on children ages 0-5. The screenings serve to identify developmental/emotional problems and connect families with needed services, as well as to prevent developmental problems by providing developmental guidance to parents in the course of the screening.

Maria’s goals are to increase awareness of the warning signs of developmental delays and socio-emotional difficulties, to follow up with families to ensure they are connected with the services they need, and to support families in navigating school systems and other agencies in the community in order to become better advocates for their children.

Maria says, “I am happy that I can serve those who are in need. That is why I love working with Pamper Lake Highlands!”

Thank you to Maria for her selfless service to the families of Pamper Lake Highlands!

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